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10 robots changing the world

Driverless cars are just the beginning. Take a look... Read More

Engineering disasters: Deadly Zaps from the Therac-25

Among the innovations of Therac-25 was the move to... Read More

7 scenarios where additive manufacturing works

Additive manufacturing will become more cost-effective... Read More

Failure modes of wearable IoT electronics

One of the most common drivers for failure is inappropriate... Read More

TSMC capex to exceed $10B in FinFET ramp-Up

TSMC is raising the stakes with Samsung, both aiming... Read More

Agilent helps researchers create a human brain

Researchers in Massachusetts have been able to grow... Read More


7 cool wearables for pets

New wearable devices let you track every second of... Read More

In $2.5b deal, Qualcomm & CSR mesh

To strengthen its presence in the Internet of Things... Read More

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IESA announces initiatives to speed up “Make in India” agenda

IESA is playing a significant role in establishing...

Mobile and wearable market will reach 2.9B units by 2018, says Semico Research

Semico Research examines the large number of sensor...

NI collaborates with CROWD to define 5G wireless communications

As a CROWD member, NI researches reliable high-speed...

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Securing IoT devices with ARM TrustZone

ARM’s TrustZone technology implemented in a SoC can be leveraged to address... Read More



Altera's AEC-Q100

AEC-Q100 qualified PowerSoCs claims to feature... Read More


Microchip introduces development platform

With 2D multi-touch and 3D gestures; PC peripheral... Read More


ADI’s ADA4805 family of amplifiers

Power efficient drivers for 12-, 14- and... Read More

NI announces rugged compact vision system

NI CVS-1459RT delivers quad-core Intel Atom... Read More

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5 reasons to resist the urge to major in Computer science

You're convinced that majoring in CS will teach you everything you need to know to write that cool app and make you an instant millionaire, but it’s not quite true

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