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Samsung sets up Silicon Valley base

Which will primarily concentrate on memory and display... Read More

Sony invests $340M in stacked image sensor mfg

The latest investment is expected to enable Sony to... Read More

Wearables sing in smart clothes

Music and audio could become central to the success... Read More

Micron makes Monolithic 8Gb DDR3

Two memory makers, one an established incumbent and... Read More

Wearable computing meets Bluetooth Smart

Bluetooth Smart (often referred to as Bluetooth low... Read More

Startup debuts 60GHz WiFi chip for mobile displays

Nitero, a startup company, has recently unleashed its... Read More

Sensors are everywhere: From the factory floor to your skin

Sensors are showing up in a wider range of settings,... Read More

Connecting islands of industrial IoT

The Industrial Internet of Things often starts with... Read More

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Cadence solution helps Airoha Technology to reduce power consumption by 15 percent

Cadence Encounter RTL Compiler and Encounter Test also...

Consumers will be the end beneficiary of the ICT Standards: DeitY

Industry appreciates government’s move towards tackling...



Freescale announces new industrial accelerometer

New, high-bandwidth accelerometer engineered... Read More


MathWorks introduces Simulink Real-Time

Enables engineers to build, test, and run... Read More


TI introduces its latest RF430 security MCU

RF430F5978 MCU integrates TI sub-1GHz RF... Read More


Asus announces H97-Pro Gamer motherboard

ATX motherboard speeds up gamers’ fun with... Read More

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5 reasons to resist the urge to major in Computer science

You're convinced that majoring in CS will teach you everything you need to know to write that cool app and make you an instant millionaire, but it’s not quite true

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