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How I hacked my home, IoT style

It didn't take long to find a score of vulnerabilities... Read More

5 tips for engineering students

Here are 5 key tips and advice for new engineering... Read More

Examining Intel's embedded DRAM

Using fabrication cost and performance data, Intel... Read More

Coalition urges President Obama to take action on immigration

the letter urges the President to help reduce immigration... Read More

5 engineering lessons from Star Trek

Since its premiere in 1966, the television program... Read More

Intel Shrinks 3G Chip for IoT

Intel’s latest modem for the mobile Internet of Things,... Read More

3D printers that are changing the industry

Of late, the price of 3D printers has been dropping,... Read More

Internet of Things: Limitless dumb possibilities

Many of the "improvements" to ordinary household objects... Read More

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The industry's first foundry business for MEMS utilizing thin-film Piezoelectric elements

Supplying sensors and actuators that feature breakthrough...

AMD announces heterogeneous C++ AMP language for developers

First open source C++ implementation to see broad availability...

LDRA India initiates industry-wide safety-critical platform

Industry players gather to establish safety-critical...

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Securing IoT devices with ARM TrustZone

ARM’s TrustZone technology implemented in a SoC can be leveraged to address... Read More



Raising the DIY PC User’s Aspirations Read More

Maxim Integrated announced two IO-Link reference designs

Integrates the benefits of IO-Link into a... Read More


AMD Radeon R7 Series Solid State Drives

Exclusive technology partnership with OCZ... Read More

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5 reasons to resist the urge to major in Computer science

You're convinced that majoring in CS will teach you everything you need to know to write that cool app and make you an instant millionaire, but it’s not quite true

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