Hind High Vacuum wins ISA award for semiconductor IP

December 26, 2011


Hind High Vacuum Company (P) Limited has won the India Semiconductor Association's (ISA) annual award for semiconductor IP among Indian enterprises while Berkeley Design Automation won it under the multinationals category in ISA's annual Technovation awards.

Hind High Vacuum (HHV) won it for  indigeneously developing  an automated line for high volume   production of 1m by 1m amorphous  silicon  thin film  solar photovoltaic modules. The capacity of the line is 10 MW per year. The outstanding technical design and novel processes employed in HHV’s system make it much more cost-effective than other such lines available abroad.

Thin film solar photovoltaic panel production involves very complex technology and HHV is the only company in India which has mastered it, under the guidance of Professor A.K.Barua of the Indian Association of Cultivation of Science (Kolkata), a leading light in India in solar photovoltaics.

The HHV research lab for solar photovoltaics is at work to further bring down the cost of thin film SPV panels by developing high efficiency next generation tandem cells combining microcrystalline technology and amorphous crystalline technology. 

The conversion of sunlight into electricity is one of the most promising renewable energy options for India which receives a high level of sunlight throughout the year over most of its area. There are two commercially prevalent methods used throughout the world for achieving this conversion. One uses thick panels of crystalline material such as crystalline silicon and the other utilizes thin films of material such as amorphous silicon deposited on a substrate.  

The advantages of the latter are lower costs due to use of much less material as well as better performance in diffused light environment   such as late afternoon and cloudy skies. Thin film panels can also withstand the higher temperatures of desert environments whereas crystalline material panels almost stop producing electricity at high temperatures.



The other award winners under various categories are:

Semiconductor Ecosystem:

Category: Indian Enterprise: Tessolve Services Pvt. Ltd.

Category: MNC: Applied Materials Inc.


Winners in the Electronics Awards Category:

OEM Consumer:

Category: Indian Start-Up: Vinfinet Technologies

Category: Indian Enterprise: Videocon Industries

Category: MNC: Sling Media Pvt. Ltd.

OEM Enterprise:

Category: Indian Start-Up: Forus Health Pvt. Ltd.

Category: Indian Enterprise: Numeric Power Systems Ltd.

Category: MNC: NavSemi Energy P Ltd.


Embedded System House:

Category: Indian Enterprise: Sasken Communication Technologies


Sarabhai Award

K Subramanya, CEO, Tata BP Solar India



Prof. Bhaskar Ramamurthi, Director- IIT- Madras


TechnoMentor -Semiconductors

Dr. Mahant-Shetti, Managing Director- Karnataka Microelectronic Training/Design Center



Pradip K Dutta, Chairman ISA, Corporate Vice-President & Managing Director, Synopsys India said “Technovation Awards aim to promote innovation by recognizing the contributions of our industry and academia.  A committee comprising of industry leaders and leading educationists have gone through a rigorous process of selection to finalize the winners and we are all extremely impressed with their body of work.”

 “As an industry body, the ISA wants to promote and encourage the individuals, industry and academic fraternity and reward role models.” said Mr. PVG Menon, President, ISA.




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