Phihong announces new power injector for security systems

by K C Krishnadas, TechOnline India - February 17, 2012

New PoE Midspan powers IP camera and access point through interconnecting cable

Power solutions company Phihong USA has developed a new power injector for security systems that offers full power outputs across both ports. Designed for use with security systems in remote locations, the midspan relays data between ports to avoid the need for placement within 100m of a network switch when a wireless access point is employed.

Termed the POE31U-560DO, the power injector has a total output of 30W for powering two IEEE802.3af-compliant applications. The passive Power-over-Ethernet midspan offers no detection and therefore must be connected to devices that are compatible for PoE- powering.

“The new dual-output power injector is designed to go between IP cameras and access points, providing a data connection and power to both devices. The midspan can be located close to a power outlet and the Access Point and Camera can be mounted high on a wall without requiring an electrician’s services. This unique midspan takes the data from a device such as a security camera on port one and relays it through a radio access point on port two for wireless remote access,” said Keith Hopwood, vice president of marketing for Phihong USA.

Standard features on the POE31U-560DO include short circuit protection and compatibility for gigabit base-T data rates while additional safety features include Safe Extra Low Voltage so that the unit may be handled without injury. The device has been approved by cUL/UL and CE.

Offering 56V DC per port for a total power of 30W, the fully isolated midspan has a minimum output efficiency of 80% and may operate from 0°C up to 40°C.

The non-vented, spill-proof case measures 140mm by 65mm by 36mm and features an IEC320 C14 3-wire input. Pricing for the dual output midspan starts at $30.54 in single-piece quantities.

For more information including the product datasheet, click here.

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