Intel to update Celeron lineup

by Sylvie Barak , TechOnline India - November 03, 2011

Intel Corp. will reportedly be updating its Celeron product line in the first quarter of 2012

Intel will reportedly be updating its Celeron product line in the first quarter of 2012, with several new chips aimed at the lower end of the notebook market.

According to specs obtained by CPU World, the refresh will include a 1.6GHz dual core processor called the B815, able to handle two threads and sporting a TDP of 35W. The B815 would switch out the current B810 model and add improved graphics frequency of 1050MHz over the current generation’s 950MHz.

Intel will also be refreshing its B710 Celeron chip with a new B720 single core, a rarity in today’s multi-core world. The chip apparently won’t be capable of hyper threading, making it an especially low-end offering.

The chip maker will complete the lineup with two ultra-low voltage Celerons - the ULV 867 and ULV 797. The ULV 867 is purportedly a dual core 1.3GHZ chip, while the ULV 797 is single core with 1.4GHz clock speed. Both would have a TDP of just 17W.

Another Celeron refresh is tentatively scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2012 too, though Intel wouldn’t comment officially on the rumor.

Intel’s Dave Salvator said Celeron remained important to Intel despite Atom’s performance increases and the affordability of lower end core-i3 chips.

“Celeron fits into our product stack as a value offering that gets you from netbook into a full PC,” he said adding, “the performance of all of our products improves generation to generation, from Atom all the way up to Core i7.”

Salvator also said Intel refreshed its product lineups “on a rolling basis,” but would not pre-announce their arrival to market.

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