Sriram of DOEACC, Calicut tops Cypress PSoC design contest

TechOnline India - May 08, 2009

The first Cypress PSoC Innovator design challenge in India for electronics engineering and computer science students - part of the Cypress University Alliance Program - drew as many as 156 abstracts from 57 engineering institutions in India

The first PSoC Innovator Design Challenge India held by Cypress Semiconductor - a multi-discipline design contest open to electronics engineering and computer science students in the country - was won by V.S. Sriram of DOEACC Center, Calicut with his advisor being Professor R. Nanda Kumar.

As many as 19 finalist teams presented their projects at Anna University, Chennai, to a panel of judges including Cypress executives. In all, the contest got 156 abstracts from 57 engineering institutions across the country.

Sriram got Rs. 100,000 while Professor Kumar got Rs 50,000 for the institute's VLSI design group. Sriram, a post-graduate diploma student in VLSI design, had for his project, a micro web server using PSoC.

"This experience is invaluable for my development as an engineer, and the prize money will allow me to pursue my dreams going forward. Whatever career I choose, I am sure that it will include working with the PSoC platform in the designs I create," Sriram said.

The second place award of Rs. 50,000 went to N. Chandra Sekhar of Kuppam Engineering College, Kuppam, for his 'feather-touch switches' design while the third prize of Rs. 25,000 went to U. Udayan and G. Gautam Das of R.V. College of Engineering, Bangalore, for their 'solar tracker'.

There were honorable mentions for their three prize winners, and:

# for Atul Patil and P. Vijay Kumar Raju from Indian Insitute of Technology, Chennai, for their 'proximity-based switch'

# for Samay Kohli, Sushma Vallabhaneni and Akash Gupta of BITS, PIlani for their 'Humanoid Robot'

# for Mayur Patel, Hussain Dhilawala, and Aakash Patel from the A.D. Patel Institute of Technology for their 'digital PID controller for temperature control'

# for R.Sandhya, N. Ramya and C. Lincy Sindhiya of the Kumaraguru College of Technology for their 'accident detection and messaging system'

# for Silbin George of the Government College of Engineering, Cherthala for his 'landslide prevention and disaster curbing system'

# for Aumanath R. Kamath, M. Punith and K.R. Vijay of the M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology for thier 'electro automot-ease' (dim, dip and obstacle detection in automobiles)

# for Karandeep Singh of the BITS Pilani Goa Campus for his'telepathic control' (gesture recognition)

# for C. Vimal and P. Krishnan of the P.S.G. College of Technology for thier PSoC-based 'automatic irrigation system'

# for M.V.Ajayvignesh, N. Manikandan and J. Binu from Kumaraguru College of Technology for thier 'auto logging trolley' # for V.B. Adarsh and Rishi B. Raghav of the R.V. College of Engineering for their 'i-mouse'

# for R.S. Ashwin, Veeresh A. Hongal and A. Vivekanand from R.V. College of Engineering for their 'traffic junction controller'

# for M.Jagadeesh, D.E. Kalyan and A. Satesh from S.R.K.R. Engineering College for their 'cell phone operated land-rover'

# for Chukka Ramesh Babu, K. Yamini Tripureshwari and S. Adilakshmi from Vignan's Engineering College for PSoC-based 'ECG system'

# for Sarath Suvarna, T.V. Chaitanya and Shravan Deshmuk from V.N.R. Vignana Jyothi Institute of Engineering and Technology for their 'alert driving mechanism'.

"This is the first time Cypress has conducted such a contest in India. Cypress's University Alliance Program is a multi-faceted program empowering electronics engineering and computer science students to develop the skill sets needed to perform in today's marketplace. The program mounts regional design competitions, offers academic workshops, and maintains a university alliance website ( which provides access to myriad free design resources, evaluation boards and online courses.

The level of participation and the quality of the projects surpassed our expectations.These projects clearly demonstrate the tremendous design talent among the Indian student community," said Pashupathy Gopalan, vice president of strategic marketing and corporate business development at Cypress.

The awards ceremony was at the site of a new laboratory set up by Cypress and Anna University in Chennai. The partnership says that Cypress will provide hands-on training to the faculty and students, in addition to free hardware kits and software tools valued at over $200,000. Anna University provides the facilities for the laboratory.

Gopalan said the idea of the design contest is to identify some innovative ideas/applications using PSoC from the engineering students. Cypress will definitely take the designs to the next level, if there is market potential. Some of the projects can be published as application notes and some of them may turn into reference designs. Cypress can even do the funding for such projects, if the participants have already identified some customers and want to pursue on their own.

Students from technical universities around the region form teams and come up with a product proposal that is submitted to the organizing committee and there are two tracks to choose from, wired or wireless. The kits to be used are the CY3210-PSOCEVAL1-U for the wired design and the CY3209EXPRESSEVK for the wireless design. The design kits will be provided at a significant discount for contest entrants.


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