An introduction to Comsol India

by K C Krishnadas, TechOnline India - November 22, 2011

An introduction to Comsol in India

The Stockholm, Sweden-based COMSOL Multiphysics has just finished its annual conference in Bangalore. The  develops easy-to-use software for modeling and simulation of real world multiphysics systems. The aim is to  enable researchers, designers and students to capture real world phenomena with atmost ease.

Comsol aims to make its technology the primary tool for engineers, researchers and lecturers within the fields of education and hi-tech product design. Their customers make our cars and aircrafts safer and more energy efficient, they enhance the reception to our cell phones, they search for new energy sources, explore the universe, develop medical equipment enabling more accurate diagnosis, and they educate the next generation of scientists.

The company has R & D center in Bangalore, and we caught up with Dr. Vineet Dravid, managing director, Comsol Multiphysics (India) Pvt. Ltd., to get to know a bit more aboutwhat Comsol is about.


Q: What typically is of interest for IC design, embedded design companies for your spatial modelling product?

A: Some examples of areas where spatial modeling is necessary in the analysis of IC design are ElectroMagnetic Interference (EMI) and ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC), heat generation and electrical implications of manufacturing defects.EMI/ EMC deals with analyzing the electrical effect of a component on other components in the circuit. Failure to understand this may lead to unexpected electrical behaviour in the circuit. Heat generation is also a major concern as this can structurally affect components. Manufacturing defects may cause poor contacts between different layers, leading to electrical failure. It is also important to realize that none of the above mentioned effects are governed by a single physical phenomena. For instance flow of current naturally creates heat generation, which in turn deforms the material or causes creep, fatigue etc. It is important to capture all these phenomena simultaneously to accurately capture real life effects .An example of COMSOL usage for IC design can be found here:


Q: Your presence in the IITs and the IISc - in which departments of the former are your product used.

A:  COMSOL Multiphysics has a very open interface. Further, users also have the ability to enter their own partial differential equations within the COMSOL GUI, or even to modify existing equations. COMSOL has been used extensively by academics. COMSOL conducts an annual conference where users present work conducted using COMSOL. Some such papers can be found at


Q: Could you specify at what point in the design cycle the use of COMSOL comes in. For e.g., when designing a semiconductor, in which part of the design process is COMSOL used. 

A:  Multiphysics modeling helps to reduce resource consumption right from ideation to product manufacturing. Modeling helps visualize new concepts and ideas inexpensively and quickly. For instance, even before building a prototype, you can import an ECAD layout into COMSOL, create a 3D geometry and then study EMI and heat effects on the entire circuit. As you move further, the behavior of various components interacting with each other can also be simulated. Manufacturing processes can also be optimized, as discussed above. In summary, COMSOL accurately captures real life processes which involve multiple physics concepts and can help in making more efficient usage of resources.

Q: You mentioned that easy affordability is one advantage COMSOL offers. Typically, other competing products would be priced approximately what percentage higher?

A: No Comments.

Q:  Please explain how the rising IC and embedded design services business of Indian companies are of interest to COMSOL as a current and future (3 years from now) market.

A: As Indian companies get further down the IC design process, it is important for them to provide a complete solution to their clients. As a result, there is a greater need to better the understanding of the physical behavior of circuit components, as well as the interaction between the components in the circuit. This understanding will help optimize the circuit design process, reduce prototyping and testing and will result in both cost and time saving.

Multiphysics analysis tools like COMSOL whose mission is to develop easy-to-use software for modeling and simulation of real world multiphysics systems will greatly help design engineers, researchers and lecturers within the fields of education and hi-tech product design gain an in-depth understanding of any circuit’s behavior in real-time.

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