Lattice Semi seeking buy into long-term plan, CEO says

by K C Krishnadas, TechOnline India - April 06, 2011

The recent changes in top designations in recent times at Lattice Semiconductor are being dealt with and the company is putting a long term plan in place.

Bangalore, India
April 5, 2011


Lattice Semiconductor Corporation is going through its ‘strategic long-range plan’ and is currently getting its staff at the various centers and the headquarters to buy into it, even as it is filling top executive positions to arm itself for growth over the next five years, according to its recently appointed President and CEO, Darin G. Billerbeck.

Here in Bangalore to open its Indian subsidiary company and roll out its applications development team to begin with, he said the company may later evaluate setting up a design center here.

Billerbeck said India is an important market and posed quite a few technology opportunities but admitted other FPGA companies had already begun using India and Indian companies for technology development. “We are starting off with customer-facing activities but as we go on, it is possible that we may take up design proliferation (in India),” he said.

“We have a software team in Shanghai, China, so there may not be much sense in having one more here. It may make more sense to do something in design like in mask, in layout, in physical design because that is also more of what we need,” he said.

On the changes in top executive positions relatively often in the recent past at Lattice, Billerbeck said the company needs to get its core competencies aligned with its various sites.

“We have a lot of structural things to fix in R & D and that’s a big focus right now. But the difference you will see with me being here, is that we have at least four senior positions fixed in the last few months and that’s part of the long-term plan. We are becoming operations-focused and now have a Chief Technology Officer focused on next-generation technologies.

We have a five-year road map that extends to 16-nm, we have an ECP3 and beyond roadmap with milestones that we will be sharing with our customers on each technology. Our focus will be on ultra low-power beyond what most people think is achievable. On the MachXO2 family we will stick to 65-nm, and we will be introducing a lot of different derivatives in the next two years,” Billerbeck said.

“Lattice is financially, a very healthy company. We have about $250 million in the bank on revenues of about $300 million and a lot of companies would envy that. My biggest challenge when I look at the market is keeping the momentum within the communications market and getting the XO2 products off the ground as quickly as possible. Once the organization’s structure is fixed and everyone buys into our long-term plan, my aim is to raise acceleration by mergers or acquisitions. We are not looking to sell the company as our plans for the company span from five to 10 years. I do not plan to get in and out of this company in two to three years,” he said.

There is no one seriously servicing the FPGA consumer market and Lattice is looking at it quite seriously, he added.

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