Domestic demand for T & M instruments rising: Frost & Sullivan

by K C Krishnadas, TechOnline India - December 15, 2011

T & M and instrumentation is set to grow significantly in coming years

The Indian Test and Measurement (T & M) market has been driven by the global and domestic demand and Frost & Sullivan research on the Indian T & M market shows that domestic demand has risen over the past 18 months, to make the T & M market realize opportunities from every sector in India.

According to Frost & Sullivan, major trends that will drive the T & M industry in India are urbanization; SMART cities and SMART infrastructure; reverse brain drain and CXO positions in developing economies; SMART clouds — the next trend in cloud computing; Robots: wireless intelligence; future broadband applications; future global power generation; factory of the future: SMART and GREEN and the rise of the middle class in 2010.

To address the trends, several T & M vendors have taken up software-defined instrumentation, which is a significant development in T & M. Frost & Sullivan observes that the open, modular architecture of software-defined Instruments, such as those in PXI, have proven beneficial to a wide range of industries. As a result, PXI revenue in measurement and automation is expected to grow at Compound Annual Groth Rate (CAGR) of 17.6 percent through 2014.

The performance delivered by the PXI platform has successfully addressed areas such as RF applications in radar testing, mobile phone testing, and other wireless applications that were previously impossible to address with other instrumentation techniques.



"Software-defined instruments, also known as virtual instruments, consist of modular hardware and user-defined software. This gives engineers the ability and flexibility to combine standard and user-defined measurements with custom data processing using common hardware components. This important feature has become extremely critical, as electronic devices such as next-generation devices, like smart phones including 3G and 4G, adopt different communications standards," said Aravind Sheshagiri, Business Unit Leader, Measurement & Instrumentation - South Asia & Middle East, , Frost & Sullivan.

With all of the above trends and development and approach setting in, the T & M  market in India is all set to boom. There are areas of interest for every player in the market, and the global as well as domestic demand for T & M, and instrumentation is set to grow significantly in coming years.

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