NI extends PXI platform with six new product announcements

by K C Krishnadas, TechOnline India - December 01, 2011

These new products further expand the already broad NI PXI platform, which currently includes more than 450 different PXI products.

National Instruments today introduced six new PXI products including a real-time embedded controller, PXI Express system expansion modules and high-speed data storage products for streaming data to and from disk. These follow the introduction of more than 40 other NI PXI products this year and further extend the possibilities of PXI across diverse industries.

The new NI PXIe-8100 RT embedded controller incorporates the Intel Atom D410 processor and is designed specifically for deploying embedded real-time measurement and control applications. By using the new controller with NI LabVIEW system design software, engineers can gain efficiency in a variety of test, measurement and control applications.

The NI PXIe-8364/74 are the first NI PXI Express remote control modules that make it possible for engineers to interface multiple PXI Express chassis directly to a single host computer using any expansion topology, without requiring complex custom solutions. The modules’ simplified interconnectivity and industry-standard PXI-based architecture increase system design efficiency and overall system performance in a variety of high-channel-count data acquisition and high-speed automated test applications including RF and semiconductor test.

NI also announces upgraded NI redundant array of independent drives (RAID) products for high-speed record and playback, RF test and high-channel-count data acquisition, including the new 24 TB option for the NI HDD-8265 high-speed data storage enclosure. With these new options, engineers can now stream 100 MHz of real-time bandwidth for more than 13 hours continuously. For advanced parallel signal intelligence (SIGINT) and communication intelligence (COMMINT) applications, engineers can combine four NI HDD-8265 modules in a single PXI Express chassis to achieve up to 2.8 GB per second of streaming data to and from disk. Other new NI RAID options include 3TB HDD and 1TB SSD versions of the NI 8260 in-chassis RAID module.

These new products expand the NI PXI platform, which includes over 450 different PXI products. Engineers and scientists can mix and match a variety of NI PXI products and control their entire systems with LabVIEW software, making it possible to address virtually any engineering challenge.

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