Accellera announces IEEE 1666 SystemC language standard for ESL available for free download

by K C Krishnadas, TechOnline India - February 22, 2012

SystemC supports efficient, high-level design of complex integrated circuits and Systems-on-Chips

The Accellera Systems Initiative, an independent, not-for profit organization dedicated to create, support, promote and advance system-level design, modeling and verification standards, has said that the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA), a globally recognized standards-setting body within the IEEE, now offers the latest version of the IEEE 1666 "Standard SystemC Language Reference Manual," for download at no charge, as part of the IEEE Get program.

Announced by the IEEE-SA in November 2011, the revised version of the IEEE 1666 specifies the SystemC standard, a high-level design language used in the design and development of electronic systems. The new version encompasses many enhancements, notably support for Transaction-Level Modeling (TLM), a critical approach to enable high level and more efficient design of complex ICs and SoCs.

Companies, universities, research institutions, and individuals worldwide can freely access the standard and develop applications for SystemC-based tools and technologies. The IEEE 1666 is available as a PDF formatted document. To download a copy, visit

“We continue to work with the IEEE to make approved EDA and IP standards available,” said Shishpal Rawat, chair of Accellera Systems Initiative. “Through the IEEE Get Program, we provide valuable standards documentation at no cost to the worldwide electronics industry community to support and foster electronic design innovation.”

“Systems designers and architects are faced with complex challenges that are a hybrid between hardware and software. The sheer complexity of today’s SoCs and the demand for IP reuse make the need for standardized interoperability, collaboration and exchange of information a necessity to promote innovation. Through our ongoing Get Programs, electronic industry stakeholders can freely access the latest versions of popular standards like IEEE 1666,” said Judith Gorman, managing director of IEEE-SA.

In December 2011, Accellera and the Open SystemC Initiative merged to form Accellera Systems Initiative and it now aims to create comprehensive system-level and semiconductor design standards to benefit the electronic design community by facilitatingt collaboration among its global members.

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