TI introduces its lowest cost MCU with integrated LCD controller

by K C Krishnadas, TechOnline India - January 19, 2012

Based on TI’s MSP430 ultra-low power MCU core, the AFE4110 delivers 16-bit processing power, built-in LCD driver, low power and low cost, and operates on a single 1.5-V battery

Texas Instruments (TI) has introduced the AFE4110, its lowest cost microcontroller (MCU) with an integrated LCD controller based on TI’s MSP430 ultra-low power MCU core. The AFE4110 delivers 16-bit processing power, built-in LCD driver, low power and low cost and operates on a 1.5-V battery.

The AFE4110 features 16-kB ROM, 512-B RAM, a 4- x 12-segment LCD driver with charge pump, a high-accuracy oscillator, and additional features designed for digital thermometers, pedometers, thermostats and portable single alkaline battery devices. 

Features and benefits

• Performance and low cost: New, lowest price point for an MSP430 16-bit MCU with integrated LCD. The AFE4110 offers designers greater capabilities packaged into one low-cost device.  
• Ultra-low power: Operating on a 1.5-V supply, the AFE4110 draws a low active current of 50 uA/MHz and sleep mode current of less than 0.3 uA.
• Reduced system cost: The low-cost AFE4110 has an integrated LCD and highly accurate oscillator, eliminating the need for an external crystal. In addition, the AFE4110 operates on a single, low-cost 1.5-V battery.
• MSP430 core: Leverages the large ecosystem of tools and sample code to speed designs.
• Highly accurate: 0.3-percent integrated oscillator brings high accuracy and low cost in one package, eliminating the need for an external crystal in most applications.



The AFE4110 Demo Pen demonstrates an accurate low-cost single-chip temperature measurement solution based on the AFE4110.


Tools and support

Designers can take advantage of the AFE4110 demonstration module available for digital thermometers priced $75 and found at www.ti.com/AFE4110demomodule-pr.

To find out about flexible development tools, EVMs and packaged devices to support designers using the AFE4110, go to www.ti.com/afe4110evm.
Get more information, the datasheet, order AFE4110 evaluation modules and samples at www.ti.com/afe4110-pr.

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