Analog Devices' tool simplifies RF design, speeds time-to-market

by K C Krishnadas, TechOnline India - February 21, 2012

New ADIsimRF Version 1.6 adds support of 29 new RF ICs and data converters as well as various functional enhancements

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) has announced the release of a new version of its popular ADIsimRF design tool, the software accompaniment to ADI’s complete portfolio of RF-to-digital functional blocks, allowing engineers to model RF signal chains using devices from across ADI’s RF IC and data converter portfolio.

ADIsimRF Version 1.6 adds support for 29 new RF ICs and data converters as well as functional enhancements. The ADIsimRF design tool provides calculations for the most important parameters within an RF signal chain, including cascaded gain, noise figure, IP3, P1dB, and total power consumption.

The ADIsimRF tool also contains embedded data from many of ADI’s RF ICs and data converters, which designers can easily access using pull-down menus. Device tables assist in component selection.


Key Features:

  •  Support for ADI’s newest high-performance RF ICs and data converters 
  • Additional input fields and system level calculations such as input Rx sensitivity; integrated output noise floor in dBm and input field for minimum SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) for demodulation
  • Aspect ratio support of 1024 x 600 pixels to support lower resolution PC displays such as netbooks
  • File saving and loading support for European numerical formats

Download the ADIsimRF design tool here

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