Digital Waves launches Android-based tablet

by K C Krishnadas, TechOnline India - January 24, 2012

The tablet features 1GHz Cortex A9 processor with 7” screen enriched with HD quality, is based on Android 2.3 and comes with memory of 512 MB DDR2 and storage up to 32GB via Micro SD.

Bangalore-based Digital Waves ihas launched an Android 2.3 tablet “tabplus Rio”.

Tabplus Rio comes with a 1 GHz Cortex A9 processor, 7” screen, very rich HD quality with 800 x 480 pixels LCD, liquid flow 5 point capacitive touch, weighs 350 grams and measures 203 x 120 x 13 mm. The tablet’s 1 GHz processor allows multitasking, has a 7 inch screen, is designed on Android 2.3, ihas memory of 512 MB DDR2 and storage up to 32GB via Micro SD. 



Features include a 5 point capacitive touch, smooth web browsing with flash support,  3G through USB dongle (selected models, sold separately),  multimedia functions and wireless internet connectivity, Video Chat on Skype using front facing Camera and HD video play back.

The tabplusRio tablet has a 4 side G-Sensor and with Android market support, can access to 300,000 plus applications and storage can be upgraded with 2/4/8/16/32 GB Micro SD card (sold separately), one can install thousands of apps, songs, movies, pictures.

The tablet is priced at Rs. 11,990.

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