Soctronics claims 28-nm design win

by Peter Clarke , TechOnline India - October 20, 2011

It claims to be the first Indian design services provider to complete a 28-nm chip design.

 Soctronics Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a semiconductor and embedded software engineering services company, has claimed it is the first Indian design services provider to successfully complete a 28-nm chip design.

Soctronics (Hyderabad, India) said the design was completed for a fabless chip company in Silicon Valley and is targeted at the 28-nm HPL process technology from from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (Hsinchu, Taiwan).

The company did not indicate the complexity of the design in terms of gates or transistors, nor what function it is intended to perform or in what type of system.

Soctronics, founded in 2003, has 500 employees and in September 2011 opened an office and design center in Santa Clara, California, to help expand its "design foundry" business. Soctronics claims to have experience in automotive, communications, consumer and computing applications.

"Engineering execution complexity increases exponentially for each new technology node," said Dasaradha Gude, founder and chairman of Soctronics, in a statement. "At 28-nm, challenges such as litho/DFM-aware routing and LPC/CMP checks are integral parts of the standard flow. It has definitely come to the point where only niche experts can work on such leading-edge projects. At Soctronics, our customers have access to teams of dedicated experts in each facet of the design flow."

Soctronics customers include Silicon Image Inc. (Sunnyvale, Calif.).

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