HARDWARE TOOLS: New ultra-high-speed debug probe for TI DSP platforms is cheapest on the market

by Toni McConnel , TechOnline India - May 15, 2009

Ashling Microsystems offers a new JTAG debug probe for TI DSP platforms that allows debugging of application code running on the target system

Limerick, Ireland - The Opella-XDS560 is a new high performance JTAG Debug Probe targeting Texas Instrument (TI) DSP Platforms. Ashling Microsystems' new probe is designed to work with TI's Code Composer Studio (CCS) IDE. It plugs into the CCS environment, allowing debugging of application code actually running on the target system.

Debugging support is provided for all TI platforms including OMAP, DaVinci, TMS320C6000, TMS320C5000, TMS320C2000 and TMS470 families.

The company states that Opella-XDS560 is the first product in the market of its class at a price point below $US 1500. This allows companies working on TI platforms to economically equip their engineers with powerful XDS560 class tools, allowing them to accelerate the debugging phase of their project and shorten time to market.

Opella-XDS560 and TI's CCS are available directly from Ashling and from its sales representatives worldwide. Contact details are on the Ashling website at www.ashling.com.

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