Mistral launches its latest EVM, based on TI's DM814x/AM387x SoC

by K C Krishnadas, TechOnline India - October 20, 2011

The EVM is for product developers focusing on video-based next-generation gadgets and products.

Mistral's TMDXEVM8148 is an easy-to-use development platform for users to get started on building their next generation HD Video applications. Designed with modular and extendable architecture, the EVM helps developers leverage the benefits of TI's highly-integrated TMS320DM814x Digital Media System-on-Chip multimedia applications processor.

The TMDXEVM8148 comprises of a TMS320DM814x based base board, a plug-in expansion I/O board and an LCD adaptor board that provides LCD display with touch screen interface. The expansion I/O board plugs-in through the expansion connectors on the base board and the LCD adaptor board gets plugged in to the LCD interface connectors on the expansion I/O board.

The TMDXEVM8148 has been made available along with a range of application boards for video conferencing, video vision, remote media displays and catalog application board that help product developers build a variety of next-generation video and imaging products.

With the (software) infrastructure that has been made available by Mistral, product developers can focus on the application without getting into the intricacies of driver development, media codec and its integration and video driver framework development and integration, the company claimed.

For video security applications, the TMDXEVM8148 supports interfacing to the both serial camera image and parallel camera image sensors. The parallel camera from Leopard Imaging (LI5M03, a 5 MP camera) is controlled and configured through I/O expander signals and the I2C bus. The Imaging Subsystem (ISS) and BT.601/BT.656/BT.1120 interface ports of the EVM are connected through the board-to-board connectors to interface the parallel camera data and other video input data.

The Serial camera from Aptina (MT9T002, a 3 MP camera) is configurable through I2C bus. The CSI2 serial connection port of the EVM is connected through the board-to-board connectors to interface the Serial camera data.
In terms of connectivity options, the TMDXEVM8148 supports dual USB 2.0 ports with integrated PHYs and dual gigabit Ethernet switch with external interfaces.

The EVM offers connectivity through Bluetooth and WiFi interface using the Murata Module (LBEE5ZSTNC) and having WL1271L chipset and Bluetooth V3. With these connectivity options, the TMDXEVM8148 can connect to other systems like PCs, other network systems, mobile devices/gadgets, and printers.

The TMDXEVM8148 supports the Digital HDMI 1.3 transmitter and Composite or S-Video Analog output. The EVM has an LCD adaptor board that can support a 7.0 (16:9) inches transmissive type TFT-LCD panel with resolution of 800x480 pixels to display up to 16.7M color. This is achieved through the EVM’s HD Video processing subsystem interface with a HD Video Display Output. This LCD display can be used to preview the actual image which will be displayed on the main screen or sent for storage.

For more information on the EVM, click here.  

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