Cosmic announces silicon-proven PLL portfolio

by K C Krishnadas, TechOnline India - January 05, 2012

The system-clocking PLLs are implemented in 55 and 40nm process technology, and will offer SoC designers a wide range of analog and digital PLLs to choose from.

Cosmic Circuits has announced the silicon availability of system-clocking PLLs in multiple process technologies implemented in 55 and 40nm process technology.

These offer offers SoC designers a range of analog and digital PLLs to choose from – including PLLs supporting input frequencies ranging from 32 kHz - 2000 MHz without requiring any external components, PLLs that occupies extremely low core area, and spread-spectrum PLLs for EMI suppression.

“We are very committed to a PLL roadmap that extends into the advanced process nodes and invest a lot of time in characterizing the IPs across PVT conditions to achieve silicon proven status. We are glad that our 55 and 40nm developments have reached fruition and expect to have similar announcements on the 28nm node in the coming months. Our PLLs are being used by leading customers across the world and our detailed silicon characterization reports are available to customers on request," said Director of IP at Cosmic Circuits, Sundararajan Krishnan.

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