IDENT, AU Optronics to develop world’s first 3D gesture multi-touch display

by K C Krishnadas, TechOnline India - September 23, 2011

The partners will develop the world’s first 3D gesture multi-touch display

IDENT Technology, a provider of intellectual property and semiconductor products for electrical near field sensing solutions and AU Optronics Corporation, a thin film transistor liquid crystal display panels (TFT-LCD) maker, are to use IDENT’s GestIC three-dimensional (3D) gesture control chip together with AUO’s 2D multi-touch and 3D Liquid Crystal Display modules (LCM) to deliver the world’s first LCM display with integrated free-space gesture control functionality.

This will serve the consumer electronic market with a next generation of displays, providing true 3D sensing capabilities on top of traditional 2D touch control.

The GestIC patented technologyis based on near-field electric sensing, allowing integration into standard touch panels of AUO. The GestIC chip’s true 3D sensing capabilities provide real-time, robust, low-power tracking of free space hand or finger movements in front of a device such as a display.

An user’s hand or finger motion hovering over the display area is translated into a broad range of pre-defined gesture commands as well as jitter-free positional data. In comparison to optical camera based systems, it works independently of the ambient environment, eliminates detection blind spots and only requires a fraction of the power – making it ideally suited to today’s battery powered devices.

Roland Aubauer, Chief Technology Officer, IDENT, said the pact between AUO and IDENT will create ground-breaking user interface (UI) solutions and change the way we interact with our devices. while Klaus Zeyn, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, IDENT said the opportunity for this was  significant as the feedback it was getting from the market was exceptional.

The companies will jointly integrate GestIC into AUO’s LCM and develop the user interface concept to accelerate delivery to consumers. AUO will create and market its 2D multi touch and 3D Gesture displays that provide, along with the traditional display functionalities, a  set of pre-loaded compelling applications that can be controlled by the consumer as simply as by the wave of a hand.

"IDENT’s GestIC SoC allows us to unleash the third dimension for user input control via our display products. Through this partnership, AUO will be able to enhance the users’ experience of operating touch/multi-touch displays.  Our product creation will not be burdened with the technology shortcomings of other 3D user interface technologies which prevented a break-through of 3D gesture control for mobile devices so far," said HongJye Hong, Senior Associate Vice President of AUO Technology Unit.

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