Cosmic announces 28-nm roadmap

by K C Krishnadas, TechOnline India - September 21, 2011

It announces its plans in 28-nm process technology IP

Cosmic Circuits has announced its 28-nm roadmap and said it has several IPs in various stages of

development in 28nm technology. These include system-clocking PLLs, MIPI DPHY and MPHY, wireless AFE and monitoring ADCs.

Its system-clocking PLLs have been architected to support a range of customer requirements and include general-purpose frequency synthesis and spread-spectrum clock generation. Low-power and low-area options are also available which can be used across variety of applications.

The company's DPHY/MPHY solution supports the various applications under the MIPI alliance gamut such as CSI-2, DSI-1, DigRFv4, LLI and UniPro for MIPI CSI-3 and JEDEC UFS, and is ideal for integration in the various ASICs that go into smart-phone/tablet chipsets. The offering includes DPHY supporting 1.5Gbps operation and two variants of the MPHY, one of which is optimized for DigRFv4.

Cosmic's WIFI AFE has been used by several customers across the world for their SoCs in leading electronic gadgets. It is looking to extend this leadership through its latest generation ultra low area/power WiFi AFE core in 28nm. The ADC is also power optimized for applications such as digital audio broadcast.

Its monitoring ADC is now available in twenty technology nodes and used by customers for variety of applications including touch screen, RF power control and temperature sensor. Cosmic Circuits will make this IP available in 28nm also.

“We are excited with our 28nm roadmap and have architected the IPs to suit a number of different customer needs. We understand the importance of providing silicon-proven IPs to our customers and have worked out our roadmap well in time for us to validate the 28nm IPs on silicon. We expect a large fraction of theabove roadmap to be available as GDS between now and the end of the year and silicon proven by first/second quarter 2012," said Sundararajan Krishnan, Director of IP of Cosmic Circuits.

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