Virage rolls new interface IP products

TechOnline India - September 29, 2009

Intellectual property vendor Virage Logic announced new interface IP products to join its SiPro product line, the group of products that have sprung from the company's January licensing agreement with AMD.

SAN FRANCISCO—Intellectual property (IP) vendor Virage Logic Corp. Tuesday (Sept. 29) announced new interface IP products to join its SiPro product line, the group of products that have sprung from the company's January licensing agreement with Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD).

Virage (Fremont, Calif.) announced an IP offering for the Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI) as well as a multi-protocol IP product supporting the High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), Digital Visual Interface (DVI) and the DisplayPort interface. A third new offering complements the SiPro PCI Express PHY, announced in July, to create a complete PCIe solution, according to the company.

Virage emphasizes that the SiPro IP products are production-proven, having been incorporated into AMD products that have shipped more than 100 million units. But Kamalesh Ruparel, vice president and general manager of Virage's ASIP Solutions group, said during an interview that the core technology licensed from AMD served as a springboard for the products, which are ultimately being built in house.

"While we are acquiring this technology from AMD, the expertise we are building on is totally ours," he said.

In January, Virage announced an agreement with AMD that gives the company the rights to license, modify and sell standards-based advanced interface IP that AMD designs for use in its graphics processor product line.

Extending the SiPro PCI Express PHY offering, the new PCI Express Root Complex and End-Point controllers deliver a complete PCI Express standard-based solution, according to Virage.

The SiPro MIPI display serial interface (DSI), camera serial interface (CSI) controllers and D-PHY IP are system-validated with camera and display device ICs to provide seamless interoperability for evolving mobile electronics applications, according to Virage. The SiPro MIPI IP solutions, used in a host of SoC mobile applications, are production-proven on the advanced 65-nm LP (low power) process node, Virage said.

A Universal Multimedia IP solution that supports HDMI and DisplayPort interfaces is available for the advanced 40nm G process, Virage said. According to Ruparel, the Universal HDMI/DVI/DisplayPort IP product offers a "future proof" solution, allowing customers to hedge their bet in the standards battle between HDMI and DisplayPort.

"Right now, HDMI is still the leading interface, but DisplayPort is ramping up quickly," Ruparel said. "There is no guarantee that the situation will be the same two years from now" when a product is likely to tape out.

The SiPro PCIe Gen1 / Gen2 PHY is available now for a 40-nm process, Virage said. The PCIe End-Point and Root-Complex controllers, as well as the MIPI and HDMI/DVI/DisplayPort products will be available in the fourth quarter, tuned for various processes, Virage said.

More information about the SiPro products is available on Virage's website. Virage will be demonstrating the new product line at the GSA Conference on Oct. 1 in Santa Clara, Calif.


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