MindTree unveils Bluetooth suite for in-car health applications

by K C Krishnadas, TechOnline India - June 16, 2011

Mindtree's new Bluetooth solution brings wireless health monitoring into the car through full-featured, interoperable and easily integrable Bluetooth dual mode IP suite

MindTree has unveiled a portfolio of its EtherMindTM Bluetooth 4.0 dual-mode (includes both Classic and Low Energy) solutions. It offers the recently adopted Health Thermometer Bluetooth Low Energy Profile, the Heart Rate Monitor Low Energy (as Prototype) as well as the classic Bluetooth Health Device Profile.

EtherMind extends the trend of installing car infotainment units today’s age that sport rich features like large displays and enhanced connectivity; riding on the fact that people are spending more time in their cars.

It provides the added convenience of monitoring personal health using the car head unit to wirelessly connect to a wide range of consumer medical devices that use Bluetooth technology. These include heart rate monitors, thermometers, glucose meters and pulse oximeters. In addition to pre-existing and mature solutions for medical applications such as the fully-qualified classic Bluetooth Health Device Profile and a Continua certified IEEE 11073 stack, MindTree’s Bluetooth Low Energy profiles to offer consumers a simple and powerful way to monitor their health in a car.

Bluetooth Low Energy opens up opportunities in new markets such as health and wellness devices, sports and fitness equipment, and watches while also enabling existing Bluetooth enabled products such as the automotive head unit to connect easily with such devices. With the market anticipating Bluetooth 4.0 dual-mode technology based smartphones in the second half of 2011, MindTree’s offering can help automakers propel personal area connectivity based in-car innovation and consumer experience on the “fourth screen” as well.

“With almost 12-year history of commitment, innovation and rigorous development in Bluetooth technology, MindTree is poised to enable a new chapter of in-car consumer experience by bringing wireless health monitoring into the car. The classic Bluetooth version of EtherMind has already shipped in millions of OEM devices worldwide, and with this significant addition to our portfolio, we are confident of bringing reliable and interoperable health monitoring
applications to life for car occupants” said Raghunath Govindachari,

CTO, Embedded Technologies, Product Engineering Services, MindTree.

MindTree has been a Bluetooth SIG member since 2000, taking part in the Bluetooth standards process and SIG working groups. It has tested its EtherMind solution for interoperability in several Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) UnPlugFests and EtherMind has also completed stringent testing with customer and in-house device libraries.


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