TI's enhanced Code Composer Studio cuts development time, cost

by K C Krishnadas, TechOnline India - November 17, 2011

TI’s enhanced Code Composer Studio IDE cuts development time and cost

Bangalore, November 17, 2011

Texas Instruments' new Code Composer Studio (CCS) integrated development environment (IDE) version 5 runs on Windows and Linux environments and is available at a starting price of $79, offfers better user interface, enables faster, easier and more intuitive embedded software development and is 5x smaller installation package yielding faster download and development time. 

The upgrades to its CCS integrated development environment (IDE) are based on the Eclipse open source software framework and feature major user interface improvements that ease development.

CCS IDE provides a single user interface to take developers through each step of the application development flow and includes a suite of tools that simplifies software design for embedded processing applications by accelerating software code development, analysis and debugging through a common development environment. CCS IDE v5 is compatible across many devices in TI’s broad embedded processing portfolio, including single and multicore digital signal processors (DSPs), microcontrollers, video processors and microprocessors.
Improvements to Code Composer Studio IDE v5 that speed time to market include:
• Simplified user interface shows developers what and when calls are needed to ease and speeds development.
• More succinct download and installation for only what is required for designs, eliminating unnecessary time spent on unused components and enabling developers to quickly add support for new devices.
• Eclipse open source framework enables developers to customize their environment through available third-party plug-ins to speed troubleshooting, analysis and profiling of embedded designs.
• Resource Explorer is an integrated browser that facilitates use of extensive example code from TI’s controlSUITE, StellarisWare, Grace 1.1 for MSP430 microcontrollers and other software platforms.
• Video tutorials explain how to get the most out of features.
• Straightforward migration from previous versions of Code Composer Studio IDE enables software reuse.
Other features and benefits are better code development environment that speeds design and troubleshooting with an advanced editor and features such as code completion, code folding, local history of source changes, markers and the ability to associate tasks with source lines. Developers can also directly view images and video in their native formats. It has an advanced GUI framework simplifying data and project management through the creation of perspectives with full customization of menus and toolbars.

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Watch TI’s Code Composer Studio IDE v5 training video

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