Corelis announces ScanJET support for TI's Sitara

by K C Krishnadas, TechOnline India - December 08, 2011

The solution is a non-intrusive functional test solution for high performance ARM microprocessors.

Corelis has announced today ScanExpress JET support for Texas Instruments Sitara ARM Cortex-A8 and ARM9 microprocessors, specifically the AM37x, DM37x, and AM18x families.

ScanExpress JTAG Embedded Test (JET) is a test methodology providing at-speed testing of embedded processor-based electronic printed circuit boards and systems to detect, isolate, and diagnose structural and functional defects while minimizing test development time and resource investment.

ScanExpress JET utilizes a processor’s JTAG debug port to download and command execution of microprocessor coded test steps which enable at-speed functional testing of the processor and all major peripheral interfaces. ScanExpress JET also provides an integrated development environment allowing users to create or import their own scripted test cases through a simplified graphical user interface.

Benefits of using ScanExpress JET for TI Sitara ARM microprocessors include:

* Standardized interface tests for SDRAM memory, I2C, Ethernet, PMIC, and UART
* Fast in-system programming and testing of parallel and serial NOR and NAND Flash
* Automatic test development for supported peripherals
* Integrated scripting environment for test customization
* No boot code requirement for test execution

"The IEEE-1149.1 JTAG standard has quietly evolved to close the test coverage gaps created by technology miniaturization and high-speed interfaces. Processor driven test solutions, such as ScanExpress JET, are able to remove the necessity of having a large number of JTAG devices on a board to justify JTAG testing — a single MPU is often adequate. Applications for Texas Instruments Sitara ARM microprocessors represent the typical high performance, low accessibility case where they are the only JTAG device in a design making them great candidates to apply this technology," said Ryan Jones, senior technical marketing engineer at Corelis.

Sitara microprocessors are utilized in applications such as retail point-of-sale terminals, industrial automation, human machine interfaces, single-board computing, network storage, and network printing. ScanExpress JET for TI Sitara ARM microprocessors is designed to provide engineers with a ready-to-use solution that helps speed up their design, development, and test processes.

For additional education on the benefits of embedded testing, download the ScanExpress JET whitepaper today at:

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