Agilent enhances ENA Option TDR serial interconnect analysis software

by Toni McConnel , TechOnline India - September 15, 2011

It has released Revision A.01.50 of its ENA Option TDR application software

Agilent Technologies has released Revision A.01.50 of its ENA Option TDR application software. The enhanced software is designed to meet the requirements of the latest high-speed digital standards used in R&D, quality assurance and manufacturing test.

Revision A.01.50 enables users to determine optimal signal conditioning for high-speed digital link with emphasis and equalization features, and simulate emphasis and equalization via a simple GUI. The jitter insertioni feature allows users perform stressed eye diagram analysis of interconnects. Impairments such as random and periodic (sinusoidal) jitter can be configured.

The new version also analyzes impedance of active devices under actual operating conditions with Hot TDR measurement capability. The spurious frequencies of the transmitter can be determined from the data rate (user input) and avoided during the frequency sweep, allowing for fast and accurate measurements.

The ENA Option TDR application software is a one-box solution for high-speed serial interconnect analysis. It features simple and intuitive operation, fast and accurate measurements, and ESD robustness. The

one-box solution is targeted for signal integrity engineers who require efficient design and verification in R&D, quality assurance, and manufacturing.

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