iWave launches i.MX508 QSB - a low cost development platform on Freescale's i.MX50X processor

by K C Krishnadas, TechOnline India - December 01, 2011

The Bangalore-based company announces the i.MX508 QSB - a low cost development platform on Freescale's i.MX50X

The i.MX508 processor is the first system-on-chip (SoC) designed specifically for eReaders that incorporates a high performance 800MHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor and an integrated hardware Electronic Paper Display (EPD) Controller certified by E Ink to drive the latest and next generation Pearl panels. The i.MX508 enables reduced system cost, longer battery life and higher performance for faster page flips and a better reading experience.

The quick start board (QSB) is a highly integrated development platform for increased performance aiming at eReaders, Industrial Kiosk, Home/ Industrial/Office -Automation portable Medical Devices, Appliance Control applications.

The i.MX508 QSB with its integrated features on-chip EPD/LCD Controller, Ethernet, Dual USB, Dual SD, USB Device, VGA, Audio IN/OUT & Serial interfaces enables developers to quickly prototype their application needs.



* Cost effective, easy-to-use, open source, multipurpose platform

* Compact form Factor 3 Inch X 3 Inch Platform for Quick application prototyping

* Optimizes Product Development Lifecycle
* Ample memory bandwidth helps processor to enable faster memory connections for optimized system performance
Electronic Paper Display’s (EPD) allow to create products that deliver ultra low power consumption and extremely long battery life

* An integrated, enhanced LCD interface offers maximum display flexibility

*  ARM Cortex-A8 with lower power consumption eliminates the need for heat sink and helps ID developers to design silent, air-tight enclosed solutions




* Processor - i.MX50x ARM Cortex A8 @ 800MHz
* PMIC - Freescale MC34708
* Memory - 256MB LPDDR2 (expandable), 2GB MicroSD (Expandable), 4MB SPI Nor Flash#, 8GB eMMC Flash#
* On Board Peripherals - MicroSD Slot, Standard SD/ MMC (8-Bit) slot, USB2.0 Host type A, Micro USB2.0 device, 10/100 Ethernet-RJ45 Jack, Audio Codec - Mic & Headphone Jacks, VGA Display port-DB15, RS232 debug Console-DB9, 3 Axis accelerometer, Onboard 7" LCD# & Touch# Connector
* Expansion Interfaces - PDC/LCD/I2C1/ UART2/4Wire Touch/Keypad 3x3
* Switches & Headers - Reset Switch/ Boot Mode Setting DIP Switches/JTAG Header
* Power Supply - Onboard 3V coin cell for RTC, External 5V, 2A DC
* Input Temperature - Operating 00C to +550C

# Optional

Tool Support:

* Debug/IDE tool chains from SEGGER Microcontroller, CodeSourcery, Macgraigor, IAR Systems, ARM, Lauterbach
* Inflexion UI for i.MX processors by Mentor Embedded
* VMware player to bring up the Linux image on a Windows PC


iWave Systems Technologies is focused on product engineering services involving embedded hardware, software and FPGAand is into developing highly integrated, high performance, low power and low cost System-On-Modules (SOM) and development Platforms. It has brought out multiple SOMs based on ARM, Freescale, Intel Atom, Marvell and TI processors.

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